I will continue to be close to people from Nisporeni, but not as MP

I acknowledge that the state institutions are under political pressure to deprive me from the Parliamentary immunity. There is no legal grounding for such, but they would be abusively forced to obey. By giving up on immunity, which comes along with the resignation as an MP, I intend to stop these political abusive pressures on state institutions. I do not need the immunity of a country that is controlled by Moscow today. It is controlled by those who for the last couple of years undertook numerous illegal actions against me and my family, including politically motivated criminal cases, false court hearings, tens of international searches rejected by Interpol due to obvious political abuse. Moscow’s desperate will to control Office of the General Prosecutor and the justice system of Moldova is for the purpose of continuing to harass and intimidate me, my family and my supporters. This is part of pattern that Moscow has used over the years against me, by filing several fake criminal cases against me. The international community and Interpol saw through these politically meditated sham cases and refused to honor Moscow’s requests. With the acquiescence of the ACUM regime, Moscow now controls the machinery of law enforcement and justice in Moldova and will seek to abuse those levers to meet their goal of destroying me to achieve their goal of turning Moldova into a client state of Russia. 

30 July 2019 Archives
Pro-European parties from the Parliament are saying that they refused to talk to the Democratic Party because they have a problem with me, me being the Chairman of the party. Let me remove this obstacle for the future and come up with a decision that will make it clear that the Democratic Party does not depend on a single individual. That it does not depend on me. I resigned today as Chairman of PDM and I proposed to my colleagues to convene the party’s congress as soon as possible, in order to elect a new chairmanship and approve a new political program. Moreover, to shut down any speculations, I decided to no longer run for any position within the party in the following congress.
24 June 2019 Archives
Alternation in power is a natural process, necessary for democracy. PDM accepts and respects it. We have demonstrated that we do not hang up on power. We wish if this change would have happened in a democratic and legal manner, without creating precedents that would severely damage Moldova on the long run. We'd wish to be replaced by politicians who act independently, as PDM did, and not be puppets of foreign forces. We will have time to talk about it later, I plan to reveal many things in the following period of time. Now things are to heated up and the ration is not necessarily present.
17 June 2019 Archives
An interview where I spoke about the result of elections held on February 24, about actions taken to build the future parliamentary majority, about the objectives to guide the new government, as well as about the responsibility of politicians to engage in dialogue and not to allow the country to slip into another political, social and economic crisis. DPM will do everything that is politically possible to protect citizens from the effects of such a crisis and of another period of instability.
Today, we are starting an electoral campaign, which is very important not just for us, the team of the Democratic Party. This campaign is important for the country. Depending on it, Moldova either keeps order, political stability, and continues and maintains economic growth, or slides back in chaos, anarchy, rampage and poverty.
I believe that from now on the pro-Moldova concept will be a national doctrine, the one we were lacking since independence. Now, we finally have it and I am glad to present it to such a large audience. The mission to implement this vision is very hard, but certainly not impossible. We will prove that we can move things in the right direction. We have the character and the needed capacity for that, but most importantly, we have our common will.  
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