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I decided to enter politics in a watershed moment for Moldova, before the parliamentary elections of November 2010. I thought then, and I believe today, that in November 2010 the future of Moldova was decided and my entry into politics at that time was a correct decision.
The DPM was an option that came naturally, because it had a serious social-political project of modernization of our society.
I entered politics with principles that I don’t want to quit. I’m aware that some people don’t like me, because I say what I think and promote projects that are uncomfortable for historically obsolete political forces.
I have promoted Moldova and its interests around the world, at meetings with international political leaders, people who have power to support the European and economic development of out country. We have more and more friends supporting Moldova.
To make Moldova a more prosperous country, commitment and hard work are needed. Especially from the part of politicians. We all know that Moldova is not a rich state, but it has honest and worthy people. For these people, politics and politicians shall make more and better things - both in the Parliament and outside it.
I chose to quit the Parliament, to have time to get closer to people. There are people who can not breathe without MP card. But not me.
I am far from being perfect, but I am not the human being that my political opponents say that I am. I was accused of all evils of Earth, the worst lies were invented. I don’t respond to those who caused such dirty attacks. I can only say them that I understand their fear that the DPM may become the party that Moldovans have been waiting for a long time.
I say you that together we will succeed to make Moldova a European Union member state; we will manage to make of politics a place of harder work and of our country a place where one lives better.
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