Vladimir Plahotniuc, whose assassination was prepared in Ukraine: our countries are going through a complex transition process.
29 August 2017
Local conflicts and crises in different parts of the world continue to threaten global and regional peace and security. Often, managing these conflicts leads not to cooperation, but to greater confrontation.
26 July 2017
The citizens’ will is changing the principle on which their representatives are elected, they want the political class to change, they wish to have the necessary instruments to control the future members of the Parliament. This is the message carried by one million signatories who support the uninominal vote and by every sociological research done lately, together with the public debates that took place.
19 April 2017
Most of the casinos and gambling halls were true breeding grounds of criminality: tax evasion, money laundering, letting children use their services and other.
23 October 2016
At the end of May this year the Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc “Edelweiss” in cooperation with the Embassy of Austria to Chisinau and the “Neoumanist” Association for Education have launched the “Respect for seniors” Social Project.
27 June 2017
The founder of the Edelweiss Foundation, Vlad Plahotniuc, has visited today the Rayon Hospital in Nisporeni to announce about the scale-up of the Project “A New Life” within which products for the new-borns are distributed.
15 June 2017
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