Leader of the governing coalition of the Republic of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, offered an interview exclusively for PoliticScan – StiripeSurse, where he talked, inter alia, about the foiled attempt against him, about the fight against corruption and the economic situation of the neighbor country, as well as about the relations between the government and the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon.
12 June 2017
True, Moldova has had its challenges – most notably corruption and weakness in our banking system. But the governing coalition, led by the PDM and Prime Minister Pavel Filip, has tackled these problems head-on with comprehensive political, economic and banking reforms that are strengthening the rule of law, liberalizing our economy and modernizing our society. Since the PDM joined the government in January 2016, we have been making progress to eliminate corruption and are committed to restoring stability and prosperity.
12 April 2017
The citizens’ will is changing the principle on which their representatives are elected, they want the political class to change, they wish to have the necessary instruments to control the future members of the Parliament. This is the message carried by one million signatories who support the uninominal vote and by every sociological research done lately, together with the public debates that took place.
19 April 2017
Most of the casinos and gambling halls were true breeding grounds of criminality: tax evasion, money laundering, letting children use their services and other.
23 October 2016
Edelweiss Foundation encourages all culture lovers to assist at the outstanding opera and ballet shows, which will be held during the next 10 days within a special edition of the International Festival Maria Biesu. The general sponsor of the cultural event dedicated to Marie Biesu is the Edelweiss Foundation, founded by Vlad Plahotniuc, a good friend of the late soprano.
04 September 2015
As of this week, the Bubulici family from Chetrosu village has a new roof, as a result of the repairs works undertaken by Edelweiss Foundation and Vlad Plahotniuc.
11 April 2015
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