An interview where I spoke about the result of elections held on February 24, about actions taken to build the future parliamentary majority, about the objectives to guide the new government, as well as about the responsibility of politicians to engage in dialogue and not to allow the country to slip into another political, social and economic crisis. DPM will do everything that is politically possible to protect citizens from the effects of such a crisis and of another period of instability.
05 March 2019
Today, we are starting an electoral campaign, which is very important not just for us, the team of the Democratic Party. This campaign is important for the country. Depending on it, Moldova either keeps order, political stability, and continues and maintains economic growth, or slides back in chaos, anarchy, rampage and poverty.
25 January 2019
(INTERVIEW) Vlad Plahotniuc: 2017 was a Year of Growth for the Republic of Moldova
22 March 2018
The citizens’ will is changing the principle on which their representatives are elected, they want the political class to change, they wish to have the necessary instruments to control the future members of the Parliament. This is the message carried by one million signatories who support the uninominal vote and by every sociological research done lately, together with the public debates that took place.
19 April 2017
The “Edelweiss” founder Vlad Plahotniuc announced today in Hincesti about the extension of “A New Life” campaign in other 20 maternity departments. Thus, a total of 24 maternity departments throughout the country will be included in the program that offers mothers a welcomed help at the birth of the baby.
21 March 2018
At the end of May this year the Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc “Edelweiss” in cooperation with the Embassy of Austria to Chisinau and the “Neoumanist” Association for Education have launched the “Respect for seniors” Social Project.
27 June 2017
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