Vlad Plahotniuc negotiating with European socialists

29 September 2012 Hotnews.md

First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Vlad Plahotniuc, discussed the European future of the Republic of Moldova and the stage of reforms in our country with international leaders, gathered in Brussels, at the Party of European Socialists Congress, as mentioned in the PDM press release.

Hanes Swoboda, the President of the Social Democratic Group in European Parliament, Harlem Desir, leader of the French Socialist Party, Stefan Lofven, President of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, Ranko Krivokapic, the Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro were among the European leaders to meet Vlad Plahotniuc, along with members of European Parliament, and members of the Party of European Socialists.

Harlem Desir, the representative of French socialists, reiterated his invitation, previously made to Vlad Plahotniuc, to participate at the French Socialist Party Congress, which will be held in Toulouse in the coming period. On this occasion, Harlem Desir will officially take over the leadership of the party which is in the government in France, a position that has shown his willingness to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

During the discussion with Stefan Lofvel, the leader of the Swedish social democrats, Vlad Plahotniuc mentioned that the pace Moldova is developing is strictly related to the way the reforms are implemented, but stressed that in order for the citizens to easier bear with these reforms, it is important for them to begin to sense their benefits. “This can be achieved, primarily, starting from people’s immediate needs”, declared Vlad Plahotniuc, quoted by DPM press service.

Vlad Plahotniuc discussed with Hanes Swoboda, the President of the Social Democratic Group in European Parliament, about the essential elements of the Cooperation Agreement, to be signed between DPM and European Social Democrats.
The DPM members group received support regarding the European integration process Moldova is going through at the moment, from Montenegro, country represented at the meeting in Brussels by the Speaker Ranko Krivokapic.

This year, the Party of European Socialists Congress is held under a slogan of solidarity. “Together for the Europe we need” is the general resolution that will be adopted by the Congress later today, as mentioned in the press release.

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