Vlad Plahotniuc in Beijing: China is an IMPORTANT Country for Moldova

03 June 2014

The events that happened in China in the last 35 years show the capacity of the left parties to understand social problems and show a way forward. This success is the merit of the Chinese people. 
Statements to this effect were made by the First Deputy President of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc, leader of the delegation of the Democratic Party of Moldova, which is visiting China between June 2-4.
Referring to the PDM, the first deputy President stressed that, as a center-left party, just like the CCP, the PDM envisages providing as many jobs for citizens and prosperity for the country as a whole as possible.
Vlad Plahotniuc then made a brief review of the situation in Moldova and talked about our country’s openness to foreign investment, "China is a very important country for us. 
The relationship between Moldova and China has been developing well in recent years and Moldova continues to be open to Chinese investment. We have noted the important presence of Chinese companies at Moldovan-Chinese Forum in November last year and I think this visit will help us to further strengthen the economic relations between our countries ".
"We have seen the increasing strength of the Democratic Party in your country and we appreciate the openness of PDM for collaboration with China. I hope that this visit will result in a strengthened communication between our parties and countries," said the Deputy Minister Zhou Li.
According to the Chinese official, the new goals of the International Department of the CC of the Chinese Communist Party also included increased communication with the countries of the former USSR. He noted that PDM was a reliable partner and reaffirmed China's traditional policy of non-interference in the affairs of other states.
"We have seen radical political changes in Moldova and we want to assure you that we will support any choice Moldova or PDM will make", said Zhou Li, referring to Moldova's and PDM’s foreign policy options.
According to a press release of the PDM, the Agenda of PDM leaders’ visit to China includes several meetings with senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party, senior officials from the ministries and government agencies, as well as leading representatives of Chinese companies interested in Moldova. The delegation of PDM in China is composed of the first deputy President of the party Vlad Plahotniuc, the deputy presidents Andrian Candu and Pavel Filip, as well as Vasile Botnari, the Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure, and Valeriu Triboi, Director of Public Property Agency of the Ministry of Economy.

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