Vlad Plahotniuc handed party membership card to almost 600 new members of the organization in Floresti

23 September 2012 e-democracy.md

The First vice-president of DPM Vlad Plahotniuc handed today party membership card to approximately 600 new members of the organization in Floresti, during the forum of the local branch of the Democratic Party from Moldova. “I congratulate you with the choice to join and become members of DPM. You selected the right moment, because now, during the process of internal reforms, the party is able to offer a real opportunity for affirmation in politics”, told Vlad Plahotniuc to the new members.
Together with the joining of 600 new members, the DPM organization is represented in Floresti by 1400 members, is leading the presidency of the district and manages a third of the local public administrations.
The First vice-president of DPM Vlad Plahotniuc declared that as promised during the Congress of the Party in June, DPM is becoming with each day a more powerful party, focusing on the professionalism of the members and on the results achieved for the benefit of the citizens. “Receiving new members in DPM speaks about the trust and confidence the people invested in us and our party. This empowers us enormously, because we are witnessing a strengthening of the local organization that generates reasonable expectations of the residents of the district. From here, from Floresti, we give a signal that DPM is a modern party, where nobody is marginalized, proved by receiving today a large number of new members, from which 460 are women”, emphasized Vlad Plahotniuc. Also, the first vice-president of DPM assured that the democratic faction will continue to initiate new projects, expected by the population.
A message on the necessity of reforms in the Republic of Moldova was sent to the public by the minister of Labor, Social Protection and Family, Valentina Buliga, present at the DPM forum in Floresti: “The Democratic Party have always been the faction to unite people, and now is the moment to realize the reforms, which will ensureaa uniform and dynamic development of the country”, said the DPM minister.
Also, the new members of the organization in Floresti were encouraged by the MPs Stella Jantuan, ALexandru Stoianoglo and Valeriu Guma to be more active and have more grit, to bring a change for better in the Republic of Moldova. To congratulate the new members, the event in Floresti was attended by the Secretary General of DPM, Constantin Botnari, representatives of the regional party organizations from Drochia, Soldanesti and Soroca, as well as 800 DPM members from Floresti.

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