​Moldovan Socialist Party’s initiative is political fiction

19 April 2017

Moldovan Socialists (PSRM) have always declared that they are aiming to accomplish everything voters want. President Dodon has affirmed on numerous occasions that he wishes to be the President of all Moldovans.

It is now the time he fulfilled a fundamental request coming from the people - changing the electoral system through which the political class is created, changing the basis on which the Parliament is formed, from internal negotiations at the level of the parties, to a transparent process transforming future deputies in actual representatives of the people. The Socialists, together with Dodon, are now striving to stand against the will of the people, who have pronounced in favour of directly electing the members of the Parliament (the same process through which the President is elected).

Thus, the question is: why did Dodon call for direct elections in the case of presidential elections, but is now opposing the exact same approach when it comes to the Legislative?
The answer is simple: the Socialists claiming their commitment to changing the political class is pure fiction. In the same fashion, their statements regarding the necessity to respect the will of the people is also fiction, rather using this narrative only then it coincides with PSRM’s interests and willingness to “play” with the political vector.

The Socialists’ initiative to introduce a mixed voting system is also fiction. This cannot lead to an actual political project. It is solely an attempt to stop the introduction of the uninominal vote and to drive the discussions in a different direction. They are aiming to tergiversate the process and leave the political class in its current form, maintain the status quo, even if citizens have no trust in political parties and the Parliament, while being unable exercise any control mechanism towards deputies.

The Democratic Party of Moldova is ready to grant the citizens their right to directly elect their deputies, through authentic popular elections, brought by the uninominal system. This process will succeed regardless of PSRM’s attempts at stopping it.

PSRM has threaten to refuse participating in the next general elections if the electoral law is changed. This is not the worst thing that can happen and I would definitely label it as an advantage resulting from the introduction of the uninominal voting system. 

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