It Is Our New Victory! It Belongs To All Of Us!

23 October 2016

You have pointed out the problem and the authorities have acted correctly and categorically. The issue was solved by having gambling halls and casinos closed. Their activity will only continue after it is strictly regulated and there are well established methods to control their location, as well as the taxes due and compliance with the prohibition of access of children to such places.
In order to understand what sort of a criminal group was the one behind those activities, it is enough to observe just the way they attempted fraud of the licensing system after the authorities have publicly announced intervention in this area. They hoped to make some more money fraudulently for an extra year and thus oppose to the measures taken by the institutions. Those individuals must not only pay the damage done to the state, but also face the law for the way they have attempted to extend their criminal activity. The officials that helped them must also face the law.
I thank you for your messages and for the information that you have supplied about the specific cases of illegal activities of some casinos and gambling halls. I have provided it to the authorities. It is very good that people get engaged; collaboration between citizens and institutions contributes specifically to building a better society.
Another severe problem is that of drug use, a phenomenon that already poses significant concern, though they don’t talk much about it publically. Unfortunately, this phenomenon spreads among children more and more. An adult that gives a child drugs destroys a life, this becomes a criminal and should be treated as such. The officials from the state institutions that should have countered this crime, protected those drug traffickers networks instead: they must be identified and put in jail. There are devastating dramas – parents that learn that there child has been using drugs for several years already, destroyed families, destroyed lives.  
My message for all those involved in this criminal activity is straightforward: the countdown has started and your capture is only a matter of time. A very short time.
This subject is on my agenda and together with the colleagues from the government coalition and the authorities we shall do all that is possible to stop this phenomenon. Those who have participated in its development will face the law.

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