Young people from the Democratic Party are encouraged to participate more actively in political life, so they will have more opportunities to obtain leadership positions in the state structures. Statements in this regard were made by the first vice-president of DPM, Vlad Plahotniuc at the “Democracy Trophy” camping, which will take place this weekend in Orhei.
28 July 2012 Publika
The members of the Democratic Party of Moldova, gathered at the Seventh Congress, unanimously supported the plan to reform the party, which aims at placement as the most powerful political party in Moldova. Through the realization of this reform, DPM aims at bringing to the political scene of the Republic of Moldova the collective leadership model of a party, where the territorial organizations will have the most powerful ability to speak out.
16 June 2012
“I propose to faction from Parliament to amend the legislation to allow each person to find out everything about financing of political parties, and if desired to support a party, to be able to do it in a simple and fair manner. It is a project designed to strengthen democracy in Moldova and revive society’s confidence in the political system”, declared the author of the project, Vlad Plahotniuc.
08 June 2012 Publika
The idea of reforming the Democratic Party was supported unanimously by the members of the National Political Council, which welcomed the initiative and expressed readiness to actively participate in this process.
10 May 2012
630 new members Causeni DPM Organization received the party membership cards from the vice-president of the faction, Vlad Plahotniuc, and Dumitru DIacov, the Honorary Chairman of DPM. The event took place today, April 28th, in the House of Culture in Causeni, with the participation of more than 900 democrats – local leaders, faction representatives from all regional and municipal organizations.
28 April 2012
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