First Deputy Speaker of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc had a series of meetings with officials from the White House which included the State Department and National Security Council of the United States. Discussions focused on development opportunities in the Republic of Moldova, in relation to the USA, EU and neighboring states. In this context, US officials reiterated USA support in resolving the Transnistrian conflict.
06 September 2012
“I want to bring to Moldova democratic models, designed to reform our political class. I am referring to the uninominal vote for the parliamentary elections, as well as to the appointment of the leaders of the party as a consequence of an internal democratic contest”. The statement belongs to the First vice-president of DPM, Vlad Plahotniuc, and was made during the International Leaders Forum – an event organized by the National Democratic Institute from USA, before the nomination of Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for this year’s presidential elections.
05 September 2012 Timpul
Vlad Plahotniuc was lobbying the United States with the purpose of recognizing Moldova as a state with functioning market economy and removing our country from the Jackson-Vanik amendment. At the moment, this amendment imposes trade restrictions for Moldova, as well as for Russia and other countries of the former socialist bloc. The first strong confirmation to restore trade relations between our country and the USA was received by Vlad Plahotniuc from David Price, Democrat congressman and member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
04 September 2012 Timpul
First Deputy Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc started his working visit to the United States of America: first official meeting of the visit was between Vlad Plahotniuc and Elaine F. Marshall, North Carolina Secretary of State.
03 September 2012
The young democrats spent this weekend together with first vice-president of DPM Vlad Plahotniuc and other leaders of the party, gathered in Sharana, at “Nistru Trophy” – an event of the youth organization of the party.
30 July 2012
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