The delegation of the Democratic Party of Moldova had some important political meetings during its visit to China on June 2-4. The first official event of the day was dedicated to the meeting of PDM representatives with Wang Jiarui, Minister of the International Department of the Central Committee (CC) of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the most important leader of the Department.
04 June 2014
The events that happened in China in the last 35 years show the capacity of the left parties to understand social problems and show a way forward. This success is the merit of the Chinese people. Statements to this effect were made by the First Deputy President of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc, leader of the delegation of the Democratic Party of Moldova, which is visiting China between June 2-4 2014.
03 June 2014
The first Department of Social Protection and Social Responsibility has been launched by the Democratic Party today. The Department will be responsible for developing policies in this area. By establishing this department, DPM aims to be more effective in the ruling coalition and hopes to provide a higher standard of living for the people.
14 August 2013
Deputy Presidents of PDM will lead one specialist department of the party each. The departments will develop bills to be submitted by PDM to the Government and the Parliament. Creation of PDM departments was voted by the National Political Council of PDM meeting on July 19.
20 July 2013 AllMoldova
The Parliament’s legal commission for appointments and immunities approved a new bill registered by Vlad Plahotniuc, the first deputy President of PDM and a group of MPs from the Democratic Party. The bill aims to reform the system of election of MPs.
17 April 2013
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