DPM Has Launched the First Department of Protection and Social responsibility

14 August 2013 Publika.md

The first Department of Social Protection and Social Responsibility has been launched by the Democratic Party today. The Department will be responsible for developing policies in this area. By establishing this department, DPM aims to be more effective in the ruling coalition and hopes to provide a higher standard of living for the people.

The Department activities will be coordinated by Valentina Buliga, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, and Sergiu Sainciuc, the deputy minister of the same ministry.

According to Valentina Buliga, the new department will help improve the quality of life of citizens: "We will work as a laboratory, which will generate ideas, bills, legislative initiatives, and policies dedicated to the country's citizens."

The head of the new department, Sergiu Sainciuc announced that the projects the Department works on are mainly related to labor. "Of course we mainly work on the labor area, which means labor law, combating the informal economy, wages and social protection", said Sainciuc.

According to the first Deputy President of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc, legal initiatives developed by this Department will already be discussed at the first meetings of the Parliament in the autumn-winter session. "We have already had some great ideas mentioned at the meeting, and we will include these ideas into legislative initiatives, you will hear about them at the first sitting of the autumn session," said Plahotniuc.

DPM will establish 13 such departments. The next such structure will be launched next week and will be responsible for the economy.

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