Deputy Presidents of DPM Will Be Responsible for the Management of One Specialized Department Each

20 July 2013 AllMoldova

Deputy Presidents of PDM will lead one specialist department of the party each. The departments will develop bills to be submitted by PDM to the Government and the Parliament. Creation of PDM departments was voted by the National Political Council of PDM meeting on July 19.

The President of PDM Marian Lupu said after the council meeting that the structure of these departments would be completed by autumn. "These departments were created because PDM, in addition to being the promoter of ideology at the level of tasks, priorities, and declarations, must be able to develop solutions to priority problems of Moldovan citizens," said the president of PDM.

Marian Lupu said the ministries were elements of policy promotion, but policies and solutions must be designed and proposed by the party platform. By October, the departments will come with a comprehensive package of legislative initiatives and concrete solutions.

Asked if PDM is preparing for elections, Marian Lupu said that the party was preparing to campaign immediately, since the very first day after the election. "The political work of a party means not only propaganda and empty ideology – a party means concrete solutions to concrete problems of the people," said Marian Lupu.

The first Deputy President of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc, said the party had decided to organize itself in the European style. "It's an important stage in the modernization of the party. According to the decision of the Congress, establishment of the departments marks a new stage of PDM. We decided to follow the European path and we learn to organize ourselves according to European principles and rigors. These departments exist in European political parties and their work gives very good results," said Vlad Plahotniuc, who will co-ordinate the party’s internal organization department.

Also, the council unanimously decided that the PDM would strengthen the government by its actions, ensuring not only stability, but also efficiency and results.

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