China is Interested in Production of Moldovan Wines

04 June 2014

The delegation of the Democratic Party of Moldova had some important political meetings during its visit to China on June 2-4. 
The first official event of the day was dedicated to the meeting of PDM representatives with Wang Jiarui, Minister of the International Department of the Central Committee (CC) of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the most important leader of the Department.
Wang Jiarui said he had visited our country in the past and he fondly remembered the Moldovan wines, expressing readiness to promote them in China, along with other products of Moldovan food industry. 
Wang Jiarui said he would act as a "bridge" to promote Moldovan exports to China but also to expand Chinese presence in Moldova.
The Prime Deputy President of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc, welcomed China's accelerated modernization and stated it was a "win for Asia and the world". 
The discussions revealed the shared concern of PDM and PCC, as left parties, for the economic progress to be reflected in citizens' pockets. "It is a priority for the state to use economic growth and additional revenues to the budget to help the disadvantaged categories of the population and then create opportunities for more people to get into the middle class," said Vlad Plahotniuc. 
He added that the collaboration between DPM and the Chinese Communist Party would intensify further. "We accepted the proposal of our Chinese partners to organize an exchange of party delegations at the level of women organizations and youth organizations, to deepen knowledge and friendship between our parties," said the first deputy President of PDM at the end of the meeting.
The most important moment of the day was the meeting of PDM delegation with Meng Jianzhu, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of CCP and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of CCP, former Minister of Public Security and one of the key party leaders in China. 
This meeting was held at the Chinese state residence, a place where the most important foreign visits are hosted, the Chinese officials thus underlining by this choice the respect for Moldovan delegation.

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