Rather than a battleground, Moldova wants to be a bridge between East and West. We would welcome transformation of the zero-sum environment where, if Moldova reaches out to the European Union and the United States, it is misunderstood as anti-Russian, and where goodwill gestures to Russia are misinterpreted as a retreat from Western integration.
08 January 2017
My political project has two components. The first one is related to the Democratic Party development and the political class modernization in Moldova. The second component is my personal vision of the Republic of Moldova’s development.
24 December 2016
"Indiferent de rezultatele alegerilor, suntem convinşi că vom reuşi să menţinem stabilitatea şi parcursul geopolitic al ţării, integrarea europeană."
11 November 2016
Over 25 years of independence as a modern state, Moldovans have been arguing about which of our neighbors should be our closest allies when instead we should be working together to put our own house in order.
20 October 2016
Interview with Vlad Plahotniuc about the election campaign: which are the real chances of the candidates, for whom he will vote in the IInd round of the elections, how the parliamentary majority will govern if the president is elected from the opposition.
18 October 2016
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