Leader of the governing coalition of the Republic of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, offered an interview exclusively for PoliticScan – StiripeSurse, where he talked, inter alia, about the foiled attempt against him, about the fight against corruption and the economic situation of the neighbor country, as well as about the relations between the government and the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon.
12 June 2017
True, Moldova has had its challenges – most notably corruption and weakness in our banking system. But the governing coalition, led by the PDM and Prime Minister Pavel Filip, has tackled these problems head-on with comprehensive political, economic and banking reforms that are strengthening the rule of law, liberalizing our economy and modernizing our society. Since the PDM joined the government in January 2016, we have been making progress to eliminate corruption and are committed to restoring stability and prosperity.
12 April 2017
Pursuant to the need to reform the political class, to the wish of people to have a better life together with their children, we decided, together with the colleagues from the Democratic Party, to support the reform of the system to elect members of the Parliament and to promote in the society and in the legislative forum the idea of uninominal voting system.
07 March 2017
I wish 2017 to be the year, when people begin to feel tangible benefits from the government. Together with the DPM team to make important changes in politics, to modernize the party and make it closer to citizens.
18 February 2017
The President of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, stated in an interview in exclusivity for Deschide.MD that the Republic of Moldova will not cancel or renegotiate the Association Agreement with the EU, and will not sign an Agreement with the Euro-Asiatic Union, qualifying the statements made by Igor Dodon in Moscow as purely electoral ones. According to Plahotniuc, Vlad Filat pays a too high price for the committed mistakes. The President of the DPM denies his involvement in the situation created in relation to Jurnal TV and comes with an offer for the media trust. During the interview, Vlad Plahotniuc has expressed himself regarding the issues related to the possibility of early elections, restructuring of the government, bank fraud, “Landromat”, relations with Romania and Russia, and other current subjects. R: Mister Plahotniuc, many people consider you to be the person who builds the scene and directs many movements on the political scene in our country. For years, you have preferred to stay in the shadow of the made decisions, being called the “Puppeteer" of the local political theatre. Things have changed over the last period of time, and taking the “de jure" leadership of the PDM was not an unexpected surprise. The more frequent public appearance, the verbalization of some attitudes and positions – all these were preparing the field for coming out to the ramp. Vlad Plahotniuc made a step forward, he made it in 2010, and in January 2016. What is different this time?
27 January 2017
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