We are entering this campaign with our heads held up high and convinced that deeds talk for us

25 January 2019

   Dear colleagues, welcome to our electoral campaign launch vent. I am glad to see that you are ready for the battle, joyful, full of confidence, and eager to win the elections on February 24 decisively.
   Today, we are starting an electoral campaign, which is very important not just for us, the team of the Democratic Party. This campaign is important for the country. Depending on it, Moldova either keeps order, political stability, and continues and maintains economic growth, or slides back in chaos, anarchy, rampage and poverty. This is why we must tell people how the things are, try to win both their hearts and minds, in terms of difference between various electoral competitors.
   Presently, people can analyse very well and appreciate what has been achieved in these three years of Democratic Party's government and what the country could lose if others come into government, what the country could get, if we keep political stability, voting for the Democratic Party.  Thus, it is very important to speak to people, explain things to them and give them our arguments, all of them showing whom people should vote for, if they want a better life.
   We are entering this campaign with our heads held up high and convinced that deeds talk for us. Together with the team of the Democratic Party, together with the Government and parliamentary majority, with mayors, and councillors, we achieved specific results, even though in 2016 few were those who believed in our success.
   In 3 years of government, Democratic Party achieved more than the previous governments did. We built new roads all over the country. We increased pensions and salaries. We provided allowances and compensations for the needy. We launched the "First Home" Program. We did many other good things, which we will continue in 2019 and the following years as well, because the Democratic Party will stay in government.
   Our government plans are ambitious. We intend to build many more roads than we have built so far. We intend to increase pensions and salaries even more, to support families and children, to create thousands of new jobs with decent salaries.
   We have included in our electoral manifesto the majority of people's problems and requests, collected during our field meetings. That is why we can certainly say that voters, our citizens, wrote our electoral program. It is a government program for them. 
   Yes, there is still much to be done for the development of the Republic of Moldova, but the path chosen, the one we have been on during these three years, is a good one. Democratic Party has a strong, united team that proved itself capable of great things that we have achieved in this period.
   We are a team that worked with dedication, be it Prime minister Pavel Filip, be it Speaker of the Parliament Andrian Candu, be it ministers, MPs, mayors, councillors or district presidents - we all did maximum possible for people. Why should we vote for the team of the Democratic Party? Who else could achieve what we have achieved?
   Today, we are also eager to continue working for even better, more ambitious results for Moldova. We all must understand that Moldova can no longer afford going through various dubious political experiments again, and again get lost in poverty.  
   Look at what is happening on the political right or left wing. Opposition does not have clear government offers and is already crying over its low electoral score, which they anticipate. Citizens will sanction them for such behaviour, because one does not govern a country and achieve success with sobs. Discipline and specific actions are required for that, and that is precisely what the opposition in the Republic of Moldova is missing. 
   That is why, after the elections on February 24, Democratic Party must continue its government mandate, and the country must continue its development sustainably and efficiently. We are confident in our own forces and we want the elections to be as free and fair as possible.  That is why I am again publicly calling all candidates running in the elections, regardless of the party they represent, to withstand from fakes, provocations and manipulations, to show respect for all electoral competitors, to allow the voters make their decision freely and exercise their right to vote democratically.
   Dear friends, during this campaign we will need to explain to people that the Democratic Party is the only party that can maintain order in the country and the economic progress that Moldova records presently. The difficult years have passed. We went through painful reforms, reforms that we hard on people, on us, that is why the good years are coming - 2019 and the following years. Citizens are waiting for us continue the good things.
   Thus, let us meet these expectations, let us win these elections convincingly, in an open, transparent and fair manner, and then proceed to work and pursuit of new results. I am confident in the Democratic Party's power of mobilization and in the victory of the Democratic Party. Victory!


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