I believe that from now on the pro-Moldova concept will be a national doctrine, the one we were lacking since independence. Now, we finally have it and I am glad to present it to such a large audience. The mission to implement this vision is very hard, but certainly not impossible. We will prove that we can move things in the right direction. We have the character and the needed capacity for that, but most importantly, we have our common will.  
21 October 2018
IPN Interview with the President of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, on 27th anniversary of Independence
23 August 2018
This decision becomes an extremely dangerous precedent for all parties, including PDM. We cannot exclude that in parliamentary elections we ourselves might end up in similar situations, after some individuals appeal against the results in some constituencies and find various provisions in the law, which would allow invalidating the mandates. That is why we have asked our lawyers to begin analysis of laws the courts referred to in their rulings, as well as of the electoral legislation as a whole, so as to allow us understand where the other eventual backdoors are, which would allow to use the law and invalidate elections, regardless of the party or the candidate concerned, and find out how to close these backdoors.
26 June 2018
In an interview to TRIBUNA portal, Vlad Plahotniuc, Chair of the Democratic Party of Moldova, spoke about his assessment of the results of recently ended elections, who PDM supported in these elections, why PDM did not say loud and clear that they support Andrei Nastase in the second round or at least ask to vote against socialists etc.
11 June 2018
Vlad Plahotniuc gave Deschide.MD the first interview in this year, which is decisive for the political future and path of the Republic of Moldova.
26 January 2018
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