About me

About my childhood

I was born in the village of Pitusca, district of Calarasi, but I was raised in the village of Grozesti, district of Nisporeni, where my parents moved when I was only 3 months old. 

I had a beautiful and very active childhood and since I was little I had the feeling that the day is too short and the night is too long, I didn’t have enough time then, and I don’t have enough time now. For this reason, afternoon naps were my childhood nightmare and so was going to bed early. Today I enjoy the freedom of sleeping 3-5 hours a night, I have singlehandedly made my day longer on the account of making my night shorter. 

About my school years

Ever since my school years I had a competitive spirit and the wish to do more than was required of me. Actually I think this also was a desire to exceed my limits, all the time I thought I could do more. To this aim however I needed an intense gathering of knowledge and this is what made me love to learn. 

I didn’t learn for grades and praises, I learned in order to understand as many things as possible and to be able to use them while living the pleasure of competition in district Olympiads where I always got the top places. Being teachers, my parents had an extraordinary method to motivate me and make me see school not as an obligation, but as something useful. Since childhood I had big ambitions and they taught me how to reach them by capitalizing on what school had to offer. 

As for my personal motivation, it was always related to my passion and desire to succeed in what I am doing. I tried everything in order to discover what I like and what is of use to me. My childhood passions were connected to music ,sports and reading. I went to musical school for 6 years, I practiced various sports, but the one that gave me great satisfaction was weightlifting, which also brought me the second place in the junior league, under the guidance of an international master of this sport. 
I was not a spoiled child, we were 6 children and the needs were big, there was no place for spoils. We had their parental love and it was enough for us. Our family’s issues and needs taught us what it means to help each other, to work in a team, help our parents around the house and treasure what we obtained following our work.  

About my student years

I enrolled the Polytechnic by circumstance, but I never regretted this. When I came to Chisinau to join a University, I actually wanted to study law. I have however found out that in order to enter the law department I had to have finished my military service or hold a two-year work experience, two conditions I didn’t fulfill. So I oriented myself to the one with most candidates per place, having the most complicated enrollment contest. 

Even though I initially planned to study for another specialty, I at least needed a true competition that would mobilize me to succeed in entering. I had succeeded. However, my student life started for a brief moment until they enlisted me in the army.

About business

Upon returning from the army, I continued studying at the Polytechnic for a while, to finish my studies, even if I didn’t see my future in that field. Thus, in the mean time I decided to look for new challenges, new perspectives. Later I entered the world of business and started making the first money in commerce and service activities, a totally new activity for me, to understand which I had to dedicate all my time and energy. This determined me to take an academic break, and later I came back and graduated from the Polytechnic University, and later fulfilled my wish to study law, when my path became clearly oriented towards the world of business.

At that time, the field of business was a very unclear one, I had to make a lot of experiments till I understood it. As many other compatriots, I travelled to former Yugoslavia before the war, carrying tools for which were demanded there, that I sold on the Belgrade and Macedonia markets. These were extremely difficult times, there was a tough struggle for a place on the respective market, with individuals who used very aggressive methods, controlling the market through terror. They were many, I couldn’t have coped if I were to also answer with aggressiveness. This made me think and then I realized, once again, how superior the mind, good organization and team spirit are against violent methods. 

I also tried a business practiced by many Moldovans at the time, the one of video rooms, then I started my first serious business—a printing house, where I invested a lot of energy and it was the first business bringing me good and constant income, I used to print labels for a number of wineries in Moldova and abroad and at a certain point we have diversified our activity and became among the biggest importers of glass products for the wine and cans industry in the Republic of Moldova.
That’s when the real world of business started for me, I learned then how a business project is built gradually, from scratch, how it develops, what it means to have a big number of employees for whose lives you are responsible. I also understood then what efficient organization means and I took these concepts and knowledge not only from books but from real life, inclusively from the errors I made.  

Further I managed businesses in Romania, where I used to sell printed goods, then Italy where I managed a construction company with approximately 300 employees.
By 2001 I was already a proven businessman with experience and an enormous wish to achieve more. That year I was given the opportunity to develop the Republic of Moldova Petrom Company from zero. I accepted this proposal and after a few good years of work, Petrom-Moldova became a leader on the Market of the Republic of Moldova and one of the main state budget contributors. 
Next I went into the tourism, media and real-estate business which I could already hand-over to a team of young professionals I formed, most of which are still with me today.

About involvement in politics

I entered politics in 2010, but I was involved in this field a lot earlier. Especially in 2007-2009 I have repeatedly supported a number of then opposition leaders, since I wanted the Republic of Moldova not to be a country with a communist doctrine, I wanted the foreign businessmen I was meeting not to tell me about the communist regime we had then. 

I considered that Moldova needs profound change and to choose a Western development path and model, on that proved its efficiency in other former communist state. My decision caused me enormous damage at that moment, including certain repercussions to me and my family, however I did not give up, knowing that the purpose is vital for the Republic of Moldova.

In 2010, I decided to get actively involved in politics and be a candidate on the lists of the Democratic Party in Moldova in parliamentary elections. I did this when I understood that in politics there is need for organization and coherence in actions. With my colleagues in the DPM we managed to efficiently reorganize the party locally, to make it the only party with organizations active across the country.

The score of the Democratic Party in the elections in February 2019 showed that we did it. We achieved the highest score for the party and this gives me confidence in the team built these years.
Personally, I am honoured that the mandate to be member of the Parliament, which I won in the Nisporeni-Straseni constituency no 17, accumulated the largest number of votes cast in constituencies throughout the country. I am grateful for that.
In the light of events in June 2019, after peaceful retreat from government in favour of the new PSRM-ACUM alliance, I decided to resign as chairman of PDM. I had the privilege to lead this party at a time when the government supported by Democratic Party had significant performances. In the three years of government, the project of modernizing the Republic of Moldova was a success.
My wish is that the party team stays united and carries on the good deeds for Moldova, in the way to which people already grew accustomed. Stability in the country must remain the main objective, because projects for people can only be implemented in a peaceful environment.
I am a fulfilled individual, because I have a healthy family and I am going to fight to make sure that they are safe.
I feel fulfilled because I did everything that was possible to make Moldova a country where people would live in peace and would feel safe.
I am a fulfilled individual because I have many friends who are there for me and who know that Vlad Plahotniuc, the human, will always be dedicated to the Motherland and to people of Moldova. 
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