Vlad Plahotniuc: Modernization of the Institute of Mother and Child shows the way we want to change Moldova

10 June 2016

The founder of Edelweiss Foundation, Vlad Plahotniuc, and the Romanian Ambassador to Moldova, Marius Lazurca, together with several doctors attended the opening of the main entrance of  the maternity of Mother and Child Institute in Chisinau. This is a new renovation, successfully completed, within the modernization works carried out at the maternity of Mother and Child Institute during the last two years, since Edelweiss Foundation launched the Revive Moldova social campaign.   
Being accompanied by the management of the Institute of Mother and Child, Vlad Plahotniuc and Marius Lazurca visited the modernized floors, the rooms equipped with modern medical equipment and they met the medical personnel.
”The modernization of the maternity of Mother and Child Institute is an ambitious project designed to demonstrate how a European institution should look like in our country, how we want to change Moldova. If we succeeded in this project, we will succeed further,” stated the founder of Edelweiss Foundation. He also spoke about the conditions that now mothers and children benefit from in this modernized maternity, stressing that the situation is now much more changed compared with the period his first son was born in this place.” More than 2 years have passed since we launched the Revive Moldova social campaign, which started the renovation works. I made a donation, and immediately after that, many other people joined, some wealthier people, others from villages, even retirees. Moldovans are people willing to help,” added Vlad Plahotniuc.
The founder of Edelweiss thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the campaign to modernize the Mother and Child Institute, especially to the Romanian representatives who made a consistent contribution in the fundraising phase carried out during 2014.
In turn, the Romanian Ambassador Marius Lazurca declared that he feels happy and excited for this event: ”I am happy because it is obvious that Edelweiss Foundation and Romanian Government efforts – our joint efforts, had positive effects. The campaign started as an effort of a person, that joined thousands of people, some of them wealthier, some others – needier. This is a happy example that should continue. The good has no political colour”.
Revive Moldova campaign involved an unprecedented mobilization for the collection, during 2014, of the amount of money needed to start the renovation works at the maternity of the Mother and Child Institute. The sum of 1 million Euros was collected during several charity events organized by Edelweiss, where people could make donations, and where the Government of Romania made its contribution. The first donation was made by Edelweiss, during a charity concert in April 2014 and after 6 months during a national telemarathon, Vlad Plahotniuc donated the necessary amount in order to achieve the target of 1 million Euros.
Thus, for the first time in 30 years, unprecedented renovation works have been accomplished. It was possible to fulfil the renovation and modernization of birth rooms, confinement wards, wards for the newborns, the inpatient ward of the maternity, as well as the building of access ramps and, today, the opening of the main entrance. Also the birth rooms are equipped with modern equipment and technology, according to European standards.
Annually, over 5,000 children are brought into the world at the maternity of Mother and Child Institute and over 40,000 patients receive medical services at this medical institution.

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