Vlad Plahotniuc fulfilled a wheelchair woman’s dream

27 June 2017

At the end of May this year the Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc “Edelweiss” in cooperation with the Embassy of Austria to Chisinau and the “Neoumanist” Association for Education have launched the “Respect for seniors” Social Project. The project aims to help elderly people by providing several social services and in-home healthcare.
These days Olga Baltaga, which is one of the “Respect for seniors” project’s beneficiaries, who has not left her house for ten years being immobilized in a wheelchair saw her dream come true. The “Edelweiss” founder Vlad Plahotniuc has fulfilled his promise and installed last week a wheelchair ramp in her courtyard.
Now, the 77-year-old woman from Ghelauza village, Straseni district is able to come out of the house by herself saying that she feels really happy. Moreover, the wheelchair ramp was extended to the gate so that she can move through her own yard.
“Please, send Plahotniuc good health from me. If it was not Mr. Plahotniuc, all these could not have happened”, said Olga Baltaga tearfully.
The woman in need was helped within the “Respect for seniors” social campaign. The project will last 9 months, and will include 40 senior beneficiaries from Straseni district.
The elderly people will receive medical assistance and care, household cleaning services, delivery of packages with food products and other services ensured by a mobile team made of 4 people.

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