The delivery room is fully renovated! Vlad Plahotniuc: that is how a European institution looks like and that is how Moldova will look like

12 November 2014

As of today, the maternity of the Institute of Mother and Child has the first fully renovated and equipped delivery room. This project was made possible due to the extensive repair works that take place in the framework of Revive Moldova national campaign. Before the first patients benefit from the new improved maternity, Vlad Plahotniuc, the initiator of the Revive Moldova national campaign insisted on having a religious sanctification ceremony. The ceremony was held by his Grace Peter, the bishop of Ungheni and Nisporeni regions.

On this occasion, His Holiness stressed that offering modern conditions to mothers and newborns in maternity, the families are being encouraged in Moldova. "We are so happy that there are people like Mr. Plahotniuc who made everything possible to see this facility renovated. Children, the future of our country, are being born here “said His Grace.

"Last time we were here we promised to make this a modern maternity; we'll adapt the European standards. I saw today a fully refurbished delivery room. I am impressed by what I see and I feel proud that this is possible due to Revive Moldova Campaign. It looks like an European institution and, if you wish, so will Moldova in the nearest future: modern, clean and beautiful. Not someday, but in a few years, and this is an absolutely achievable goal, "said Plahotniuc at the Institute of Mother and Child.
The repair works of Mother and Child Maternity are being held with the support of Edelweiss Foundation, sponsored by Plahotniuc, who initiated the Revive Moldova fundraising campaign having as a goal the renovation of the motherhood.

The campaign is a total success being supported at national and international level, recently being collected the full amount required for completion of modernization process, in 2015.

So far, the donations in the framework of the Revive Moldova campaign covered the renovation and equipping of admission room, the main entrance of motherhood, including construction of access ramps, and upgrading the first delivery room.

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