Promise fulfilled! Mititelu family has moved into the house received by Vlad Plahotniuc

18 November 2016

Mititelu family officially has moved into the house received by Vlad Plahotniuc within the Anniversary Edelweiss Gala. Those 5 members of the Mititelu family now live in a renovated, furnished house which is ensured with all the necessary conditions for a decent life right in the Sarata-Galbena village from Hancesti district, where the school attended by the six-year Constantin, Mititelu family’s son is located. This house is a new beginning for the family.

Previously, they lived in an improper room without a lavatory and minimum conditions for a decent life. “We didn’t expect so much! We have expected something better, but not as much as that”, said astonished the new owners of the house.

Even today the parents excitedly remember the surprise experienced almost 3 weeks ago, when they received the keys from their new home from the Edelweiss founder.

At the same time to diminish the difficulties encountered by parents in caring for the children Vlad Plahotniuc’s “Edelweiss” Foundation donated to the Mititelu family two wheelchairs for both daughters born with congenital malformations, and many toys for the girls and the boy.

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