Primary election of candidates
At parliamentary elections in 2014, the Democratic Party organized, for the first time in Moldova open elections to select own candidates. Citizens across the country could vote at the DPM offices for the nomination of the party’s future candidates. This transparent practice of drawing up of the list of candidates fits DPM’s efforts aiming the modernization and reformation, by personal example, of the Moldovan political class.  
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Revive Moldova Social Campaign
For the first time since its establishment more than 30 years ago the largest maternity of the country within the Institute of Mother and Child was modernized and equipped with the necessary devices.
Starting with 2014 unprecedented repair works were carried out due to the funds collected within the Revive Moldova Social Campaign implemented by Edelweiss.
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Uninominal voting
Introduction of a direct voting system for parliamentary elections was initiated by Vlad Plahotniuc during his first mandate. The initiative was supported by specialists in international law, being considered as an electoral reform measure with positive effects for citizens.
Your Success is the Success of Moldova
Edelweiss supported for the first time in 2012 a performance promotion project whereby five young people received scholarships and the chance to continue their studies and improve oneself in areas they are talented, whether it’s about mathematics, IT or sports and music. “I am proud of all the young people whom we supported and I have great confidence that they will manage to raise the status of Moldova representing us on international podiums or stages”, said Vlad Plahotniuc. More about the these young people’s experiences on:
“For the book of Moldova” Campaign
Edelweiss made hundreds of book donations representing tens of thousands of volumes for public and school libraries from the Republic of Moldova. “For the book of Moldova” Campaign was held in 2011 and 2012 providing to young people from rural areas access to the works of our writers. More details on -
DPM. Look to the future!
In 2012 DPM launched the most ambitious project of political party reform. From the Parliament and Government, from the Mayor’s offices and the districts management – DPM members acknowledged to be the first who act taking into account the needs of the population in the sequence required also by people. About the DPM’s activity visit –
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