When fear knocks politics out

26 January 2014

My arguments about the mixed voting are listed in the old legislative initiative of the Parliament, which was also passed at a time. I presented these arguments and at round tables organized by external partners in 2012 and attended by representatives of media, civil society, and political parties. Not only did I then present my arguments transparently, but we have also introduced in the legislative initiative the opinions gathered from different representatives of other parties that emerged during the debate that took place in 2012.
Even more interesting to note is that the subject of mixed voting for was not brought up by me the first time in public debates. This topic was also included in the program other parties, not the DP (!!), with which they won the vote of the people. Then no one seemed to object to this issue in the political agenda of parties, the mixed vote was even a positive topic, presented to the electorate as a commitment - and I, personally, do not see anything wrong with that.
Not to let others speak on my behalf, I want to express clearly my opinion: mixed voting is not vital for Moldova, Moldova can do without it, and if the majority decides against mixed vote, we will obey the majority, as it is in a normal democracy. But those who dispute the mixed voting are so dominated by fear and panic that theu are not even able to engage in discussions on this issue, they sit and lament openly on television. I believe that everything must be discussed calmly, with strongly built arguments and courage that is if I am not asking too much and only after decisions have to be made. The fact that those who dispute the mixed voting chose the path of panic instead of rational way shows how desperate they are not lose their Parliament seats, the kind of people for whom getting a new deputy mandate is essential - given that they cannot do something else in life and their only chance of survival being to be included by the leader of the party in the lists after much flattery and demos of loyalty.
Perhaps there are those for being called by their neighbour when they get home “Mr. MP," is all they could hope for in life. There are some who have done nothing during the MP's mandate, whose name noone has even heard during the 4 years and now it's normal that they fear the mixed system, which brings them before voters at trial directly. Or, for some, it's easier to cajole the party chief than to convince an entire country that deserves to be voted.

Now let us stop and discuss our "friends" from the Communist Party, they are the ones who begin to tremble just at the echo of the word "mixed ". For them it's more than meets the eye, it is a fight for life and death. Why? It's simple. If in the center there are still a few people in the Communist Party who have a lot to say and present value, in the territory the communists’ people are very weak, and they know very well that with mixed voting they would lose the election in territory categorically, because they have candidates to appear before voters. The only weapons are now Communist hysteria, the televised velvet revolution, the vote of censure, the extraordinary sessions of Parliament, the tensions caused in Gagauzia and other weapons like that, that can try to bring hysterics amongst citizens. In the territory, they practically do not exist, except for two to three districts where there are some mayors, but who will surely leave the Communist Party once the party loses the elections.

CPRM is not what it was in the territory, quality people who were once in this party have gone largely and those who remained, especially in the regions, are people with bad image that would stand no chance in case of mixed voting.

I have read the opinions of several analysts, for and against the mixed vote. Igor Botan said that we want the mixed vote so that CPRM does not come to power, and PCRM does not fancy the mixed vote so that we have less chance of remaining at power. Surely, if mixed voting is adopted, the party will have problems because of the poor quality of the people in the territory, it is obvious. But I do not think it is our problem to solve the situation in their party and not in any case fall into the trap of their victimization. When you see such a monster that adopts the position of a victim you should be very naive or weak to be fooled. Let us then let pity for the poor communists help them come to power , to show us again what" democratic " European government is and what press freedom supposes and other such matters with which they try to trick the public opinion today. 
The mixed vote will have the chance that society and politicians that are not dominated by fear will give it. If society and the political class are not prepared for a mixed vote, it will not be now. But it is important that the decision are based on arguments not hysterical campaigns, victimization, manipulation and cowardness.

Personally, I am happy with both. If mixed voting will not be introduced, I am satisfied that I’ve tried to make a change in the political class. The fact that we did not succeed is not a tragedy, it's the political class we have now and we should look at it beyond what you see on TV. And when fear knoks politics out one should point this out and to help those dominated by panic to get rid of it. So, for me it is less important if it is introduced in the upcoming elections or the following ones. It is important that it truly reflects a positive change for voters, but those who decide whether this is a positive change or not should not be the Communists or other who are against mixed vote strictly out of personal interests.
Be it mixed or not mixed vote, it is important not to lose reason.The Communists can be defeated with or without the mixed!

I read somewhere that “THE red excelence “of CPRM swears solemnly on their blog that they would do everything so that DP vanishes from Moldovan political arena. But… so far we have seen that the “royal highness" has done everything to make sure that CPRM itself disappears.  So, the threats full of ‘democratic’ elements show once again the state of despair of CPRM and their real purpose for wanting to return to government- to eliminate all the democratic parties on the political arena

In the end, I will simply let PD members and supporters across the country judge the “red excelence” and give it a proper credit.


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