Vlad Plahotniuc, about His Divorce: „ I have assumed all liabilities and consequences”

19 January 2015

Although he has always been extremely concerned about keeping his private life away from prying eyes, Vlad Plahotniuc now revealed some unknown details about his family in an interview.

A lot is being said about Plahotniuc, but only a few know anything about his private life, his family, children and former spouse. The politician has two sons, Timofei and Inochentie, who live and study in Switzerland. 

The politician has a special relationship with his ex-wife Oxana Chlidescu, the daughter of the painter and sculptor Emil Childescu. “The first year after the divorce was the most difficult, but we managed  to overcome it as grownups. However, in the summer of 2009, after the divorce, going through one of the most complicated and trying periods of my life, which determined me to make several mistakes that led to this personal decision, our separation also took place. At that time, I have assumed all liabilities and consequences, and even in 2009, after our definitive separation, I have never stopped to behave as a responsible father to our children”, stated Vlad Plahotniuc.

The politician confessed that every time when he meets his former spouse, which happens very rarely, they openly discuss together about the future of their children, even though they both live independently and separately in different countries. „The most important thing is, that notwithstanding the difficult moments we went through as a couple, I have always been there for our children. I admit that we may have, perhaps, an original relation, simply because our divorce and separation allowed each one of us to go his own way, but maybe exactly because of this, everything had a particular glamour.”

Although they are not husband and wife anymore, and they live completely separated, in different countries, the businessman will always consider Oxana as the mother of his children, for whom he will always have nothing but the deepest feelings of appreciation and respect. 

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