The Year 2013, from "Padurea Domneasca" to Vilnius

22 December 2013

The Case of "Padurea Domneasca"was followed by another larger political crisis, which led to the collapse of AIE. What followed was basically a big test test for the democratic parties in Moldova. We were faced with a choice either form a new pro-European government and a new parliamentary majority or go tino early elections, as the Communists wanted. Not for a single moment did I think that we would get to elections, I was sure that, eventually, we will find the strength to make the necessary compromises to preserve the democratic future of Moldova.

Personally, I have made many concessions this year , which not only do I not regret making, but today , when I look back detached and unbiased , I see more clearly how important they were to ease some moments and especially to protect our political project- the Coalition . These concesions, despite all appearances, they got me closer to politics, I was involved deeper and this made me better understand how little importance the title and function that you bear have, when you are bound hand and feet through various dirty political games.

No one has ever accused me of something exactly and precisely related to my work in my positions, the accusations and attacks, never backed up anyhow, always targeted my personal persona. And this state of the facts says a lot about how much political class needs to mature, about how much need is for politicians who are able to come up with projects, with constructive ideas, not to try to increase their popularity through political aggression and dirty attacks, as communist politicians do, for example.

I am aware; however, that this can not occur over night, maturing of the political class needs serious reform. This year in this regard several measures have already been taken, even though fear of reform is high, higher even than their fairness to their voters - I am sure that time will solve this problem, if not, surely the vote of the people will do so.

Not only I but also some colleagues of mine had to make some concessions in this respect, in a time when there was no time to look for the guilty one, and had acted to stop the political crisis. Moldovan society expects to see that we are able NOT to put our functions above the interests of the country and this was a test that we were forced to pass if we wanted our countryout of the political havoc it was in. 
Political crises this year we have brought a new government, more balanced , and that is because we have a coalition built on new principles , but also because we all have learned from the mistakes we made in the past. Leaders of the coalition parties made a step to the side (not back!)  at the time when it was necessary to create all the conditions to move forward with a new type of political construction. We have not limited the communication level leaders. On the contrary we have created a system that takes dialogue across multiple echelons of our parties. This system already shows its results. We realize that all real political danger lies not within the Coalition, but outside it: our opponent, but also citizens’, and the opponenet of a democratic future - the CPRM. And our priority is not to fight with the party, but to show people what black perspective awaits Moldova with the Communists, how they are trying again to isolate the country, to stirr animosities between us and our external partners. When I decided to help remove the communists from power in 2009, I did it for this reason namely: I was fully aware of the state they brought the country at and what would have happened had they remained at power. Today, I am again ready to do whatever it takes to prevent this political gangband from returning to power and stop Moldova from its European pursuit.

Political crises this year have slowed us all down and caused a great tension in society, and politicians have to apologize to the citizens for all of the tensions. I am doing it now, through this text. And I do understand very well the tension people leaved in the moments of the formation of the new coalition, when we did not know well enough to how to be transparent and to manage the citizens. And we need to learn our lesson from what happened this year how to handle important political moments and the responsibility we have for the people. We should not deceive people that we have changed overnight, but certainly people could see that we have learned some important things after the political crisis we went through, we managed to maintain the European vector of Moldova, despite huge pressures made both from the inside and from the outside. 

Unlike the Communist Party, the democratic parties have always shown that they are capable of adapting to reality; try to change what does not work, while the Communists have demonstrated ,oh so many times!, that they have learned nothing from the past, on the contrary , in recent months they have showed that are still stuck in the past and are trying to pull Moldova back. Next year, citizens will not be in a position to choose one party or another, but will have to choose between two projects: the democratic and European one, proposed by the Pro European coalition and the communist project, which is to enter into war with Europe and to pull Moldova back in isolation. People will have to choose between communists -dinosaurs and democratic parties - which , have some leaders that lack vast political experience,  but have sincere intentions and in line with citizens' wish , that of bringing Moldova among the civilized countries , where our country would be respected and not cornered and blackmailed.

We must be realistic, we have what our politics can provide today, small but steady steps are being made towards reforming the political class. And that fact that we end this year on an optimistic note – with the Association Agreement, through decisive steps towards visa liberalization, by displaying an economic growth that is obvious, but also by hosting several visits of very important officials from outside - show that Moldova is on the right track, and has successfully passed the difficult moments of the first half of this year.

A complicated year is yet to come, an important electoral year and not because the electoral competition that is going to happen , but because of  the struggle between two political projects : Communists offer - who want to return our country back to 2009, to enter directly into a cold war with Europe and with everyone who helped Moldova in these years and the offer of the Pro European coalition parties - which basically means we continue the democratic and European vector of Moldova ,we will be granted next year the liberalized visa regime and will continue  the started projects, many with financial support of our foreign partners , projects aimed at modernizing the country and improve people's lives.

Despite the hot start, 2013 was a successful year for Moldova, but also a year of sacrifice, especially for the citizens We can only do our best to make up for this sacrifices, but also to demonstrate to our foreign partners that their investment in the modernization of Moldova is successful.

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