The deprivation of immunity- a test of political maturity for the political class. Who will pass it?!

05 November 2013

I welcomed and supported Coalition’s decision to initiate a project in Parliament, where MPs could be deprived of immunity. When I announced that I retire from the position of MP one of the arguments has been that I no longer wish to benefit from parliamentary immunity. Furthermore, I have asked the NCI to check my statement of assets (wealth declaration), to remove any doubt on my part - and it's good that they took note of my request and have started checking the above mentioned.
But, let’s get back to the subject of my post today, the deprivation of immunity of MPs. I have carefully studied lately the state of facts in other countries, especially European ones. And speaking of which, it seemed downright a comical reaction when the Communists learned that they could lose their immunity. Fear has distracted them so much that they began to explain how it is in Europe -and suddenly EU became a defense shield for them.
But what communists do not know is that in European countries, parliamentary immunity is not used to hide from law abidance, to harass representatives of the law when they are doing their duty, to block the activity of state institutions. But even more important is that what no law can regulate, and that's the maturity of the MP holding the immunity. Can we expect of the very few circus communists in Parliament to abandon the infantile beating of the feet during the plenary sessions,  the roar of megaphones  and the calomnies addressed to fellow MPs from other parties, and the media ?
The problem is not the parliamentary immunity in general, but the fact that, we, Moldovans, perceive it wrongly and misuse it, and I think we need a “cold shower “in this regard. Moldovan political class needs this political maturity test, MPs to be protected from their own responsibility for what they do and not for the different privileges, which not all may still be ready to understand.
Reform of the political system in Moldova, as I have said many times, has to start with us, the political class. Now let’s try to catch up with some processes occurring already.
What happened to the Communists when they heard of the Coalition project about the immunity? Clearly, they panicked and adopted the roles of victims. “It is a project directed against CPRM “I saw a Communist MP lamented. Seriously? And how is it against them? They can not keep their mouths shut and bully less? They can not control their nerves, not to bully and assault police? I cannot turn a bllind eye on the abuse that they do, hidden behind the immunity? Why do the communists hold the parliamentary immunity so dear?
I will try to answer these questions. Communists have been left without arguments, they are exhausted, they have no identity, vision, basically, and they have nothing to help them have a political behavior, not a hooliganistic one. The communists have grown on our mistakes, those of the Alliance, we must admit this, and now that I see that I have learned from my mistakes and that we have a stable coalition, they were left without the only instrument that kept them united and growing. They understand very well this is why they became so aggressive, so they make growing mistakes and that's why they need immunity not to answer for the moments of loss of rationale and keep on useing the same old aggressive method of the bat on their oponent.
Communists’ mistake lies in their hysterical reaction to the announcement of the coalition; they have immediately said they will support our initiative. But maybe it would not hurt to take a few days off  for thought , maybe they  could have come up with a project that eventually immunity of deputies to be limited to political declarations , not to cover their acts of  huliganism. That would have been a constructive attitude so the society would have believed they had good intentions.
So, in all that I have said above, it is clear that the Moldovan political class needs to pass this test.
I hope that not all members of the communist party share the opinion of others to continue to be protected and not to answer for the abuses they make under the shield of parliamentary immunity. We will try to talk to them, with each one and I hope we can convince them to vote for this initiative. Deprivation of immunity is not populism, not for Moldova, it is a test that the political class should give it to society!
P.S. About the rally yesterday, words are not enough, the images speak for themselves: it was a big success, even if some were very upset, and some demoralized by success. Look here: 

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