Open elections of candidates for the Parliament - an exercise that brought us much closer to people

30 September 2014

From the very beginning, I had no reservations against the idea of open elections of candidates for the parliamentary list of the DPM.

I have always said that reform of the political class shall start from within. I have said that this type of real change shall be performed by deeds rather then by words - and behold our list for the Parliament will be drawn up based on the results of Sunday's elections.

Almost 100,000 people came to vote at our offices, eager to participate in such a democratic exercise ever performed in the Republic of Moldova. This is an impressive result that exceeded our expectations. It means that people wanted to have this chance.

The Sunday enthusiasm, the fact that so many people participated in the open elections organized by the DPM, show that people are ready to engage actively in political reforms, either at party or at country level.

The opened elections in the DPM were just the first example through which we have shown that we are able to modernize from within. In a few days, the DPM will engage in the election campaign. We prepare ourselves for a campaign targeting an open communication with people, to whom we will present our political programme and how we see the growth of Moldova.

We have been receiving hundreds of proves of appreciation for our consistency from people all over the country and from abroad.
And as proof that good deeds have echo far away and stir up positive reactions towards our country, I share with you a letter, which I enjoyed. It's from Connie Mack IV, a representative of the USA Congress who congratulated Moldova for the first 'primaries' (open elections of candidates) organized at us.

We are happy and we dedicate this success to all who came to the party’s offices to have their say in shaping the DPM list for the Parliament.
And before the counting of votes ends, I state confidently that today we are more united and stronger.

We are ready to continue to surprise, to show openness and quality, to convince, to win and to govern.


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