November 7th. Today a large protest and pledge of Communists was held

07 November 2013

I passed by the National Square this morning, I looked to the right and to the left, to see where is the long announced by the CPRM rally to be held on the November 7 . To my surprise, I only saw several cars and many people who had some erronds to run. With all my goodwill, I could not even put together in imagination a few people that would at least seem to protest, so I picked up the phone and called an acquaintance at the CP to see what happened to the Communist protest. His answer was absolutely funny “the protest is taking place, but not in the Square, but at the Communist Party headquarters, Voronin was just discussing nervously with the organizers of the velvet revolution “. To put it in a nutshell, Voronin was organising a “large protest” at the party headquarters, with a few unsuccessful head in the clouds party strategs and some ideologues about "success” of the Velvet Revolution. Here is what is left of the great Communist rally on 7 November, so menacingly ultimatively announced by them

I think the police and the media should be alert, Communists rally, even though it is based at the CP headquorters, it can get violent. 

November 7th! Another success of the people who believe in the European future of Moldova, whose letter of 3rd of November, signed in the National Square sent the Communists back to theCommunist Party headquorters will their rallies and hysteria. Today we witnesed a new act of the resounding failure - the so-called velvet revolution of the communists.

As for my text to be understood properly and constructively, I would like to make a proposal to the communists to participate together with the Pro European Coalition organize a rally after the European Summit in Vilnius to greet together a great achievement of our country. It would be a good time to prove our national unity.

Meanwhile, behold and confirmation of the “large rally " held at the headquarters of CPRM – the communists have just announced an ultimatum demanding a referendum on the issue of joining the Border Union, resignation of the Government and other old ideas , which actually hide their failure with the  velvet revolution . They came with a lame justification of why the CPRM failed to hold a rally on announced November 7. Communists are now threatening that, if we do not organise a referendum by the end of this month, they will trigger protests ... on again a “large scale”, like today!

The magnitude they mention should be reported to the of the number of participants on  the 3 of  November , so the actions organised by the communists must gather at least 150 thousand people to have more or less sense. Their ultimatums and threats cause laughter and show the growing desperation and panic of the communists. And the threats with mass rallies just before the Vilnius Summit show how much momentum has, in fact, their fear. Moreover, the fact that they made the announcement at the same time with the regime in Transnistria, which also threatens with protests beforeVilnius , betrays something else , which we'll talk about later.


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