Modernization starts with us

02 August 2016

I was recently speaking, in an interview, about the reasons why the citizens have lost their trust in the political class, why they don’t believe anymore in the so-called “new” politicians that aspire to become national heroes. The people have come to a stage where they reject everything concerning the political class and I agree with them. After 25 years of independence, the current parties system has reached its limits, it is overtaken, it does not correspond neither to population’s expectations, nor to country’s need to develop. As well as the state institutions, the political class needs a big change. I am not speaking about a change that would conceal their image or promote new persons, but of a change during which the parties are starting to do politics that are based on the reality in the country, not on the decayed clichés they have followed for so many years.
I have in front of me the recent data of some opinion polls about the reasons why people have lost their trust in politicians. It does not matter how you analyze them, because there is a thing that is present in every answer – disappointment! People understand that one cannot make wonders in a country with such a budget, as we have, they are informed, they are realists, but the fact that they were lied to and repeatedly befooled has affected them too much and on a long term. In order to solve this issue, the politicians need to come to the people; the ones that have lied must get their well-deserved slaps, and then start over, this time on the same road with the people, without any arrogance or superiority, without any lies.           
Populism, falsity and incompetence have diseased the political class. I still have the advantage to be able to have a look from outside on what is going on in politics: we have no debates, but only a manifestation of frustration and vanity fights. Between the people and politicians is a big gap. The entire political competition runs on a fake stage, where the political “stars” compete with each other to get a place in the front; but they are blinded by the limelight and cannot see that there are no people in the audience anymore, and that their show has no viewers. I might be wrong, but I think politics should not be practiced in the manner of a stage with an audience; the politicians need to come back among the people, they need to talk less, to listen and to take more action.              
The political class needs to go through a transformation, and it should walk parallel to the institutional reform. All parties should make changes and adapt to reality, to the people’s needs better. This also includes the new parties, which pretend to represent the „new wave”, but are actually either the satellites of older parties, or the hideous constructions of some interest groups, unknown to the citizens or even to the country.
I think all parties from Moldova lack the adaptation to the reality of the people. I think that this thing is possible and I wish to start the reformation of the political class with DPM; I want us to be the party that was able to modernize itself based on people’s requests from the politicians, and to destroy this old method to do politics that is applied by all parties in Moldova. We have the biggest chance to succeed, because we are a good, united and well-organized team and have strong territorial structures. I am sure that, after we succeed, many other parties will follow our example, and this thought mobilizes me even more.
Lately, I have had a number of conversations with my colleagues at DPM on this subject and I’ve suggested them to start an ample campaign of consulting the citizens, the civil society, the politologs in the country and from abroad, and important national and international personalities. This way, we could build, together, a platform and a political vision adapted to the reality in which we live in, to the situation in which Moldova is now and to the citizens’ needs.
During a number of months, we will travel in the entire country, we will speak with the people; together, we will look for ways to materialize the new political wishes and instruments, we will involve foreign experts with experience in the development of modern parties, representatives of the civil society; this way, till the end of the year, we will be able to show up in front of people with an advanced political approach, a qualitative one, in which the people would be able to find themselves. It is now early to say what this approach will look like and how we will further do politics; we will make the conclusions after a broader consultancy.
If we succeed to create a new method of doing politics, parallel with the reforms in the institutional sector, the changes that Moldova truly modernizes and a development on a long term begins will be very high.
During the consulting and the actions we will do within this important project, I will get back with different information on the debates that will take place. I believe that we are on the right path and that we will be supported by the citizens and by those who are interested in more qualitative politics in the Republic of Moldova.

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