I will continue to be close to people from Nisporeni, but not as MP

30 July 2019

Many highly ranked politicians from the current so-called reformatory government of Moldova have been recently publicly giving orders to law institutions how to act, what criminal cases to make, who should be the subject of those cases, etc.

These are the politicians who were hysterical, while being in opposition, about the politicization of the law institutions, and now are abusively going over judges and attorneys in their governing bodies, where normally politicians have no right to participate or moreover - to make pressures.

The politicians who are in power today have changed in an abusive manner a large number of public servants, and what is most outrageous - they have replaced many professionals with political representatives of the PSRM-ACUM regime, without a transparent competition, without meritocracy, solely based on political party sympathy or affiliation.

Hence, the politicization of institutions is not the most outrageous thing that happened during the last weeks. The most outrageous thing for Moldova is that Moscow took over the strategic institutions of our country - the Intelligence, the Defense and the leadership in the most important Parliamentary Commissions. Soon Russia will take over the Office of Attorney General, the National Anti-Corruption Center and other institutions.

When I said that this is exactly what will happen, many refused to believe me. Now it is clear that these institutions have not been taken over only to expand someone's influence, the purpose of these actions was to install a long lasting pro-Russian regime in the Republic of Moldova, that would act on behalf of external forces and based on interests that have nothing to do with the well-being of Moldovans.

Only naive think that the Russians work now on the so-called "de-oligarchization". In fact, they work on taking over the vital state institutions, while the abuses they are preparing now will be a vivid illustration of the future "rule of law" in Moldova by the famous Russian model.

I have waited ACUM to wake up from their euphoria and stop this Moscow-driven state capture, however, on the contrary, I find that they actually facilitate the process and are hostages of their old political obsessions. In the meantime, behind their backs, mechanisms of abusive control are being installed, the effects of which very soon will become devastating even to them.

Considering the total takeover of the Republic of Moldova by the Russian Federation, the latest political tricks, and the control of the law institutions by Russians via their political party, I fear a total and a long-lasting decay of justice, abuses and a politicized justice, serving individual interests of certain groups who act against the Republic of Moldova.

In this situation, I am not willing to serve any state institution and therefore, I resigned today from the Parliament.

I acknowledge that the state institutions are under political pressure to deprive me from the Parliamentary immunity. There is no legal grounding for such, but they would be abusively forced to obey. By giving up on immunity, which comes along with the resignation as an MP, I intend to stop these political abusive pressures on state institutions. I do not need the immunity of a country that is controlled by Moscow today. It is controlled by those who for the last couple of years undertook numerous illegal actions against me and my family, including politically motivated criminal cases, false court hearings, tens of international searches rejected by Interpol due to obvious political abuse.

Moscow’s desperate will to control Office of the General Prosecutor and the justice system of Moldova is for the purpose of continuing to harass and intimidate me, my family and my supporters. This is part of pattern that Moscow has used over the years against me, by filing several fake criminal cases against me. The international community and Interpol saw through these politically meditated sham cases and refused to honor Moscow’s requests. With the acquiescence of the ACUM regime, Moscow now controls the machinery of law enforcement and justice in Moldova and will seek to abuse those levers to meet their goal of destroying me to achieve their goal of turning Moldova into a client state of Russia. 

I have succeeded to defend myself without Parliamentary immunity at that time, and I am confident that will succeed this time as well. 

In the current situation, where the seat in the Parliament does not have a value, I am unable to fulfill my commitments towards my voters from Nisporeni district, those who made my seat the most representative by the number of votes during the last elections. It would not be fair to keep this seat as long as I am unable to execute the mandate entrusted to me, under the current circumstances upon I have no influence. I will support them by other means, more efficient ones, as I have a life-long duty for their massive trust granted to me.

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