I have read with amusement the new posts on your blog, announcing the public that Plahotniuc and Voronin are negotiating an alliance between CPRM and DPM and that Plahotniuc is trying to create the same kind of LDP 2 Beyond the fun, I felt much panic in your text and I wanted to try to reassure you- or to reassure those who have suggested these scenarios to you. Therefore, let me explain it to you, maybe it will be easier for you to understand if I put it this way:
04 February 2014
My arguments about the mixed voting are listed in the old legislative initiative of the Parliament, which was also passed at a time. I presented these arguments and at round tables organized by external partners in 2012 and attended by representatives of media, civil society, and political parties. Not only did I then present my arguments transparently, but we have also introduced in the legislative initiative the opinions gathered from different representatives of other parties that emerged during the debate that took place in 2012.
26 January 2014
The Case of "Padurea Domneasca"was followed by another larger political crisis, which led to the collapse of AIE. What followed was basically a big test test for the democratic parties in Moldova. We were faced with a choice either form a new pro-European government and a new parliamentary majority or go tino early elections, as the Communists wanted. Not for a single moment did I think that we would get to elections, I was sure that, eventually, we will find the strength to make the necessary compromises to preserve the democratic future of Moldova.
22 December 2013
I passed by the National Square this morning, I looked to the right and to the left, to see where is the long announced by the CPRM rally to be held on the November 7 . To my surprise, I only saw several cars and many people who had some erronds to run.
07 November 2013
I welcomed and supported Coalition’s decision to initiate a project in Parliament, where MPs could be deprived of immunity. When I announced that I retire from the position of MP one of the arguments has been that I no longer wish to benefit from parliamentary immunity. Furthermore, I have asked the NCI to check my statement of assets (wealth declaration), to remove any doubt on my part - and it's good that they took note of my request and have started checking the above mentioned. But, let’s get back to the subject of my post today, the deprivation of immunity of MPs. I have carefully studied lately the state of facts in other countries, especially European ones.
05 November 2013
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