Although he has always been extremely concerned about keeping his private life away from prying eyes, Vlad Plahotniuc now revealed some unknown details about his family in an interview.
19 January 2015
In the coming years, during its integration process into the European Union, Moldova will have to consider the effects of the global economic crisis. We should be able to avoid the pitfalls and make the best use of the available opportunities.
18 November 2014 Europolitics
An atypical politician for Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc appears in a totally unexpected role in VIP Magazin and reveals some details about his life and work, talks about his family, about his team, about business, politics and the future of Moldova. The first deputy President of PDM met the true puppeteers from Licurici Theatre, who revealed some secrets of the craft. He spoke with journalists from VIP about nicknames given to presidents worldwide, about his nickname of a puppeteer and about who are those who give nicknames.
07 November 2014
From the very beginning, I had no reservations against the idea of open elections of candidates for the parliamentary list of the DPM. I have always said that reform of the political class shall start from within. I have said that this type of real change shall be performed by deeds rather then by words - and behold our list for the Parliament will be drawn up based on the results of Sunday's elections.
30 September 2014
Yesterday we kicked off the open election campaign in the DPM. This moment represents fulfilment of a promise that I made when I started reforming the party: that our list of candidates for the Parliament will be decided by people, rather than by political leaders. This is for the first time in Moldova when a party forms its electoral list by means of a popular vote!
04 September 2014
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