About referendums criminal anti-state actions and betrayal

13 February 2014

Today, DPM has taken an important, but difficult decision -to exclude from the faction of the party colleagues who participated in the illegal referendum in Gagauzia. Although, I was the one who came up with this proposal in DPM meeting today, for me this was, actually, the most complicated moment of the meeting.
DPM tried to create a strong team in Gagauzia and eventually managed. And this was not only important for DPM, butfor   the stability of the region, as well. The illegal referendum was not the only delicate moment in Gagauzia, there were other sensible moments in the past year, but precisely because DPM has become a strong part of the People's Assembly, we managed to stop some possible slippage.
As we did about the illegal referendum, we asked our colleagues not to participate, to let the Formuzal and the PC to be laughed at, to uncover their true antistatal intentions. We had several discussions on the issue with colleagues there; they explained to me that if they do not participate they will lose the election in the region. Agree! There is this possibility. But beyond politics, there is math politics: we explained that PDM has a clear strategy about the future of Moldova, that there is a Pro European coalition and we can not afford to be in two thoughts about European Integration, otherwise we risk imbalances. Some understand, others do not. But I have not tried to impose a decision or another; I let them to decide for themselves in the most democratic way possible.

Beyond the obvious illegality of the referendum in Gagauzia , which state institution should qualify, there is another matter for PDM , that those who participated in the illegal referendum , in fact, participated in CPRM 's  and Formuzal’s action to shred the country to pieces. Here is another aspect that can not be overlooked. It is a serious deviation from the principles of DPM.

There were colleagues from Gagauzia who have understood our message and stood aside, and I thank them because they showed wisdom. Those who chose another path, chose to go on a road virtually separated from DPM , so their exclusion is natural and it should  not surprise anyone .

I think we also need such examples in politics from us and I hope that all those who participated in organizing this referendum are excluded by some of the parties to which they belong, while others are excluded from the political scene even by the electorate. Those who play with the stability of Moldova should be aware that if the situation in Gagauzia will degenerate, now we know who is to blame - CPRM and Bashkan Formuzal! And they will have to assume the consequences of the way they have tried to sell Gagauzia and the consequences that they lied to the people of Gagauzia. And for actions to destabilize the country, the law is very clear!

Regarding the so-called local referendums, they will have no chance of success and I hope that in this case law institutions will come out of their numbness and apply the law where it is breached.

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