A letter to Bogdan ... Bogdan Ţîrdea!

04 February 2014

I have read with amusement the new posts on your blog, announcing  the public that Plahotniuc  and Voronin are negotiating an alliance between CPRM and DPM and  that  Plahotniuc is trying to create the same kind of LDPM 2
Beyond the fun, I felt much panic in your text and I wanted to try to reassure you- or to reassure those who have suggested these scenarios to you. Therefore, let me explain it to you, maybe it will be easier for you to understand if I put it this way:

1. You can negotiate only one thing with The CPRM and Voronin: to return to legality and to give up any attempt to destabilize the country. Both me and my coalition colleagues, we are ready to hold talks with them, showing them the path that can lead them back to legality. Otherwise, there is nothing to negotiate with the Communists. You have been in close relationships with the CP, with the "ideologist” and if you want more details, so you can regain your peace of mind 
2. I must admit that imagination and sense of humor are very important qualities that you don’t seem to lack. The Scenario proposed by you, related to creating LDPM 2 is interesting, worthy of a prize, even “The Analyst of the year” Award .Honestly speaking, I know that you yourself can not believe what you wrote – although, I do not see a problem if on the political arena would appear DPM 2, LDP 2 , LP 2 and so on , as long as this strengthens the democratic political spectrum . Why are you so afraid of that?! Obviously, as you wrote it yourself, because such projects are only fantasies, which sure can be placed in the public space for entertainment, because people need to read and such texts, in addition to serious political analises they are bombarded daily .

3. Interesting was the end of the text, where you explained that the LDP will be the one that will get the majority of votes and will gain monopoly on the pro –European vector.  May God help us! Both the LDP and other democratic parties to get as many votes as they can! But I am sure that even those in the LDPM do not want to become a monopolist in the area of European integration, as you wrote it yourself. I think they, like DPM and like other democratic parties want Moldova to have a European future and to be part of a most stable coalition in order to achieve this objective. Do you not want that?! I would love to hear that you also want Moldova’s European integration. You are known to have been near the CP in the past, and if someone convinced you to become pro -European, that man deserves all the praise.
Finally, I want you to know that there have been several attempts in recent years, even these days, as well, to create tensions within the coalition by putting together different plots or by posting different texts on some blogs or by taking actions that seek just to show false authors, to create quarrels inside. Fortunately, I think you will rejoice to learn that all these actions have failed.
Although, you probably have written hundreds of texts against me , we both know well why ; I respect your talent  as a writer and  I am sometimes amazed by your imagination and I'd love to read texts written by you on other issues as well, not only political ones.

Good thoughts,


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