Political manipulation from Moscow is all too familiar in this former Soviet republic.
27 December 2017
Biographical data and pictures from the personal archives.The success attained through education and hard work.
29 December 2016
Possibility of EU membership provides a reason to reform. Europe is our natural home, culturally as well as geographically. While we have long been committed to economic, political and legal reform, the prospect of EU membership is encouraging us to redouble our efforts.
04 October 2016
We are among the countries with a very high level of domestic violence, violence against children. And while for other phenomena we can blame one person or another, as we have already got used to, the blame for this situation lies with all of us. Our mentality and poor education on the cohabitation within a family make us look like a primitive nation to anyone seeing the statistics on domestic violence or reading about cases presented in various reports.
16 August 2016
I was recently speaking, in an interview, about the reasons why the citizens have lost their trust in the political class, why they don’t believe anymore in the so-called “new” politicians that aspire to become national heroes. The people have come to a stage where they reject everything concerning the political class and I agree with them. After 25 years of independence, the current parties system has reached its limits, it is overtaken, it does not correspond neither to population’s expectations, nor to country’s need to develop. As well as the state institutions, the political class needs a big change. I am not speaking about a change that would conceal their image or promote new persons, but of a change during which the parties are starting to do politics that are based on the reality in the country, not on the decayed clichés they have followed for so many years.
02 August 2016
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